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Oh-oh here we go!

my stereo has mono and so does my boyfriend


This is the story of a girl.
Who cried a river and drowned the whole world.

I'm just an ordinary girl.
Though, I've been told I'm kind of different than other girls.
I'm 25, capricorn, green-ish eyes, brown hair and I'm pretty open minded.
And I wear my heart on my sleeve.
These are about the most interesting things about me I think..

I love my friends, music, the sea, lying in the grass, cartoons, eat chinese food with chopsticks, my recordplayer, trucker caps, all-stars,
peach ice-tea, beer, retro stuff and funny t-shirts.
I like indie, britpop, 80's, D&B, electronic.

And the reason my journal is completely Friends Only, is because I like to see who reads me.
Links: That's Me & DeviantArt